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Purchases on the Limestone University Store website can be made with credit/debit cards ONLY.  No financial aid can be accepted for online orders.



Limestone College Campus Store Information


The LIMESTONE COLLEGE Campus Store has several options available to provide textbooks for students. Depending on availability for individual classes, students have the option to purchase new, used, e-books or rent textbooks. Textbook information for each course is provided on our website at You will need your class schedule with the course number.

Textbook Purchase

Textbooks are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order by course code. Each tag provides the textbook information including the new and used price. Please note that used textbooks may not be available for all editions. If an e-book or rental option is available for a course, it will be indicated on the course shelf tag, which will also include the price of the rental or e-book.

Textbook Rental

Many, but not all, courses have a textbook rental option available in the Campus Store. If a textbook rental option is available for a course, it will indicate on the shelf tag that a rental option is available along with the cost of the rental. A credit card is needed to secure a textbook rental, but the rental cost can be paid by other methods accepted by the Campus Store.  A rental agreement must be signed in order to rent textbooks.

Payment Methods

The LIMESTONE COLLEGE Campus Store accepts cash, VISA, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and checks with a valid student ID or valid driver’s license.  Students may also use L-Cash and voucher money (within the permitted usage times, voucher money has an expiration date) to purchase items within the Campus Store.

Book Buyback

Students have an opportunity to sell their books back during designated days at the end of each term at the LIMESTONE COLLEGE Campus Store. Dates and times will be posted in the store and on all campus store social media.  Also, an email will be sent to all students with the details. Rentals are also due back at this time.

More Than Just Books

There is a variety of products and services available at the LIMESTONE COLLEGE Campus Store. Customers are able to purchase school supplies, backpacks, clothing, gifts, novelties, postcards, and more.


The LIMESTONE COLLEGE Campus Store website is updated immediately with new merchandise.  Parents and students can visit the site at  We are also active on social media with Facebook (, Instagram (@limestonebook), and Twitter (@limestonebook).  


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