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Ordering FAQS

How can I purchase my textbooks?

To order your textbooks you must go through the Limestone Halo. After logging in to your Halo click on “view results” under the order textbooks section to the right of your schedule. On the next page click “shop for books online.” This will bring up only the materials you need for that semester.

The options on how the material can be purchased and the price will be displayed. Available options include new, used, rental or e-book versions of your textbooks. If you are a day student, your order will be delivered to the Spirit Store for pick up. If you are an online student and you live outside the Gaffney SC area, please have the material shipped directly to you.


What payment methods can be used for textbooks and course materials?

You may purchase your books by financial aid or credit card.


Can I rent my textbooks?

Yes, if it is an option provided by eCampus. You can pay for your rental by credit card or financial aid, but you must have a credit card to secure your rental. This is just a safety measure in case the book is not returned. If you fail to return the book before the rental term expires you will be charged the full price of the material. Additional orders will be placed on hold.


Returning rentals and selling back textbooks.

You can return your rentals for free by logging in to your website and completing the return process. After completing the steps just pack your book up, attach the shipping label and drop it off at UPS. If you would like to sell your books back just click on the sell back your books tab and follow the instructions. It is all quite simple.

What does it mean if my course is not listed?

If a course is not listed, it usually means that we are still waiting to hear which textbook(s) may be used for that course. Please keep checking the site. We will update the information as it arrives at the Spirit Store.